Family Protection Plan with Critical Illness

Our Family Protection Plan with Critical Illness Benefits is Term Insurance to Age 100. It offers a guaranteed level premium to age 100 and a guaranteed level death benefit for the first 10 years. After 10 years, the death benefit is projected to remain level to age 100. We do not anticipate a reduction in the future. The coverage amount cannot be individually decreased on a particular insured due to a change in age, health, or employment status.

Critical Illness Benefit pays the insured a one-time lump sum of 30% of the policy coverage amount upon the occurrence of a heart attack, life threatening cancer, stroke, cardiac bypass or heart transplant surgery, or a terminal condition.



Your client chooses the level of benefits that best meet the needs of their family.


Your client’s coverage continues with no loss of benefits or increase in cost should they terminate employment after the first premium is paid.

Family Protection

Individual policies can be purchased on the employee, spouse, children and grandchildren.

Children and Grandchildren Plan

Policies can be purchased for children and grandchildren from the age of 14 days through 23 years for $1.15/week for a $10,000 policy or $2.30/week for a $20,000 policy.


Premiums are taken care of simply and easily through payroll deductions.

Easy Application Process

This insurance does not require a medical exam or blood profile. Eligibility for coverage is based on a few simple health questions on the application.

Emergency Burial Benefit

Within 24 hours after receiving notice of an insured’s death, an emergency death benefit of the lessor of 50% of the coverage amount, or $10,000 will be mailed to the insured’s beneficiary, unless the death is within the two-year contestability period and/or under investigation.


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