Group Critical Illness

Do you know someone who survived cancer, a heart attack or other critical illnesses? With nearly 3,000,000 critical illness cases being diagnosed each year, most families have experienced the financial hardship associated with the survival of a critical illness. Until now, most employee benefits plans were designed to cover specific expenses. But, Group Critical Illness Coverage pays up to THREE (3) times the policy benefit amount in a lump sum directly to the policy owner – in addition to any other insurance plan the insured may have! There are no restrictions on how the money is used, providing the financial resources for expenses not covered by other insurance, including:

  • Co-payments, deductibles and non-covered “experimental” treatments.
  • Supplemental income to make house and car payments while recuperating.
  • Lost income of spouse or care-givers.
  • Home health care needs.
  • Housekeeping or child care expenses.
  • Necessary modifications to home or housekeeping expenses.


Level Benefits to Age 65**

Benefits remain level until insured reaches age 65, then they reduce 50%. Applicants age 60-65 benefits remain level for five (5) years. Applicants age 66-70 have a maximum benefit of $5,000.

Triple Benefits

Critical Illness insurance provides a cash payment upon the first occurrence of a covered illness. With our multiple benefit feature, insureds may receive up to three (3) times the face amount of their policy upon diagnosis of a condition within each of the critical illness categories. No more than 100% will be paid in each category of critical illness.


Coverage with no loss of benefits or increase in cost should your client leave their employer after the first premium is paid, in which case 5Star Life will simply bill your client directly. Coverage can never be cancelled by us or the employer unless your client stops paying premiums.

Spouse Coverage

Spouse benefits are available up to 50% of the employee face amount, not to exceed $25,000.

Child(ren) Coverage

A $10,000 Children’s Benefit can be added to the employee’s policy.


Premiums are taken care of simply and easily through payroll deductions.


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