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Sales & Marketing Home Office Key Contacts:

Sal Campanile, Vice President – Worksite Voluntary Benefits & Group Sales
571-335-0123 (direct)
855-SAL-FAX-0 (855-725-3290) (fax)

Paul Monica, Senior Vice President – Business and Individual Markets
800-776-2322 Ext. 2412

Brandice Rhoades, Manager – Insurance Operations
703-740-9111 (direct)
855-329-5273 (fax)

Mandy Coulter, Account Manager – Group/Worksite Insurance
703-884-2104 (direct)
855-FAX-MANDY (fax)

Phil Stephenson, Account Manager – Group/Worksite Insurance
571-210-4370 direct
877-PHIL-FAX fax number

Field Sales Team:

Brent M. Cotton
612-930-4545 (direct)
855-502-6669 (fax)

Marc Hardage
405-212-4542 (direct)
855-627-2329 (fax)

John C. Howard
312-767-9169 (direct)
855-668-7669 (fax)

General Sales & Marketing Inquiries: 877-940-7200 or Email:

Administration / Customer Service: 866-863-9753
5Star Life Administrative Office
777 Research Drive
Lincoln, NE 68501

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Policy Owner Service:
Agent Commissions:

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