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Sales & Marketing Key Contacts:

Sal Campanile, Vice President, Worksite Voluntary Benefits & Group Sales
202-431-4745 (direct)
855-725-3290 (fax)

Brandice Rhoades, Director, Client Services
703-740-9111 (direct)
855-329-5273 (fax)

Regional Marketing Directors:
Point of contact for all sales, marketing and broker contracting

Brent M. Cotton
612-590-0086 (direct)
855-668-7669 (fax)

Marc Hardage
405-317-1606 (direct)
855-627-2329 (fax)

John C. Howard
312-767-9169 (direct)
855-668-7669 (fax)

Account Managers:
Contact for new business implementation and client service management

Michelle Carney

Mandy Coulter

Account Support:
Advocacy team for billing, claims and commission

Dana Jordan
Claims Advocate

Kim Tejeda
Account Coordinator

Susan Wright
Accounting Specialist

Technology and Enrollment Support:
New and existing enrollment and technology implementation

Dan Ealy
Strategy Solutions / Technology Lead

General Numbers:
Contact for existing business and routine questions

Agent Support:

Administration/Customer Service: 866-863-9753
5Star Life Administrative Office
777 Research Drive
Lincoln, NE 68501

Group Billing:

Client Services:

Policy Holder Service:


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New Statutory Office
Effective December 18, 2017, 5Star Life Insurance Company (5Star Life) moved its statutory Office from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Lincoln, Nebraska.
There are no changes to 5Star Life insurance contracts and life insurance contracts offered by Armed Forces Benefit Association (“AFBA”).
All AFBA products are underwritten by 5Star Life, except in New York. No action is required by the policyholder.