Doing Business With Us Is Easy

We are broker/producer focused and build our processes around the broker/producer. We always look for ways to make it easier for you to do business with us so we can become one of the main carriers you work with on a regular basis.

Our Value Proposition

Key to our value proposition is a commitment to partnership – doing what it takes to be a good partner and delivering on our promises. We provide an agile business model that delivers consumer driven solutions with a proactive service model that works to exceed expectations.

The demands of the worksite marketplace bring a unique dynamic – partnering with HR and corporate influencers, decision makers and ultimately, employees. We bring a high level of expertise working with large organizations but at the same time, can comfortably work with groups of all sizes, delivering customized benefit solutions and strategies to each effort. Through this commitment you will find a true partner in 5Star Life.

You and your clients can be assured of our financial stability and know we will be here to keep our promise and pay claims when the time comes. Our corporate strategy is built for the long term – ensuring measured, profitable growth. The consolidated AFBA and 5Star Life enterprise has combined assets and retained earnings, that provide the capital strength necessary to meet our financial obligations, now and in the future.  5Star Life is rated A- Excellent by A.M. Best* and among life insurance companies our size and scope, we are one of the highest rated. According to the 2017 Independent Comparative Report, 5Star Life exceeds life insurance industry averages in liquidity ratio, net premiums to capital, capital and surplus to liabilities, percent of investment portfolio rated investment grade.**

We strive to be fully accessible. You can get to know us and our company. This high-touch approach enables us to be responsive to your business needs and execute quickly and efficiently.

With a growing, innovative product portfolio, leading edge service and support options combined with our expertise and core values, you have our support and commitment to make it easy to do business with us.

*The company is currently rated A- (Excellent), negative outlook, by A.M. Best Company (reconfirmed 7/20/17). A.M. Best, a leading independent analyst of the insurance industry since 1899, has assigned the rating of A- (Excellent) to 5Star Life Insurance Company. The A- (Excellent) rating is the fourth highest of 16 ratings ranging from “A++” (Excellent) to “S” (Rating Suspended).

** As of December 2016.


Group and Company Plans

5Star Life offers an array of life insurance products including both employer paid coverage’s and voluntary employee paid products. These products are offered on a payroll deducted basis with many of them portable for employees.

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