Group Critical Illness

Do you know someone who survived cancer, a heart attack or other critical illnesses? With nearly 3,000,000 critical illness cases being diagnosed each year, most families have experienced the financial hardship associated with the survival of a critical illness.

Statistics show that a 25-year old male non-smoker has a 24% chance of  having a critical illness (cancer, heart attack or stroke) prior to turning age 65, and a 49% chance if he smokes;* that’s four (4) times higher than premature death before age 65.

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. bankruptcies are the result of medical expenses and 78% of those filing for bankruptcy had health insurance. As employers, you provide this new type of insurance in order to complement your overall employee benefit package. Group Critical Illness Coverage was designed to allow companies an easy and affordable way to provide for your employees additional financial needs.

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